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Hands off our places of learning. ALIA President Damian Lodge’s opinion editorial (the Sunday Tasmanian) expressing concerns about funding cuts and library staff in the education system. He says: 'If we want libraries to continue at the heart of our communities, to encourage a love of reading in children, to provide a safe environment for young people, to support students and learning, we need to draw a line and say “no more” to funding cuts.

Digital content guide  A consumer guide to find safe and licensed digital content online has been developed and launched by a group of creative rights holders/industry associations. It offers consumers help finding licensed content across ebooks, music, movies and TV, games and sport.

Will reading as a child make you smarter as an adult?  A new study of identical twins from the University of Edinburgh suggests if you were a bookworm as a child, it might make you smarter as an adult. This podcast explains that that better reading ability at a younger age is linked to higher intelligence later in life.

Surprising findings about Teenagers and printed books

 Google can't compete with a skilled librarian steeped in information technology. Access to a wealth of information on the internet has placed even more importance on librarians. This article looks at how librarians facilitate learning and create communities.

Libraries today.  No longer the fusty institutions of old, libraries are rolling out their own superhighway of ideas — beyond the reach of Google. Now, a library is a communication engine, a place to hear music, scholarly talks or to entertain children, as well as being an invisible digital world as intricate and endless as a universe. Want to know some microscopic fact about the production of corn in an obscure part of Indiana, US, in 1847? Google won't help you.” From QWeekend Magazine (Brisbane, Australia) — Saturday, November 10, 2012. You can find the complete article in Newsbank 

Queensland kids’ literacy 2015

The Queensland Plan  The Queensland Government last week launched The Queensland Plan, which provides a vision for the state’s policy direction and activities over the next 30 years. One of the goals is to ensure 100% of Queensland children have basic literacy and numeracy in primary school.

Best Start – family literacy program begins in 2015. The Queensland Government has announced a four year $20 million  Best Start family literacy program aimed at developing stronger language and literacy opportunities for kids aged from 0 – 5 years.

Led by State Library of Queensland, Best Start will be delivered in partnership with public libraries to directly support parents and primary caregivers as their child’s first and most important teachers. The initiative begins in January 2015 and will include: boosting funding to public programs in libraries; including 'baby bounce'; rhyme time and storytelling sessions; a literacy toolkit for parents and caregivers of young children; state-wide awareness campaign; enabling library staff to partner with local early childhood providers.

Kids and family reading report  In the fourth edition of the Kids and Family Reading Report™, a survey from the United States released in January, kids age 6–17 share their views with their parents on reading in the increasingly digital landscape. Overwhelmingly children who read ebooks still read primarily print books for fun. Half of all parents say their child does not spend enough time reading books that are not assigned for school. Up to 46% of children surveyed had read an ebook, a figure which has almost doubled since the 2010 survey. Ninety-nine per cent of parents think children their child’s age should read over the summer. Read the original article

 The most playful libraries in the world. This article gives amazing examples of spaces which have been brought alive as a place to play as well as discover. Visit: the most playful libraries in the world 

Britannica Library Edition – free online tutorial.  Do you want help to find online information on a range of topics suitable for all learning levels? Then you need Britannica Library Edition. This online resource and is available for library clients now. Want to make the most of the information available? An online tutorialmakes using the Britannica Library Edition easy.

Technology Petting Zoo. Clients are able to flick through the pages of eBooks on eReaders and tablets or try listening to an eAudiobook on an iPod Touch or mp3 player. They can also ask library 'zookeepers' questions about the pets or bring their own device in for a visit to learn more about how to feed their pet with free eBooks and eAudiobooks from the eLibrary.  

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Sunshine Coast Libraries Plan 2014 - 2024

Council has developed the Sunshine Coast Libraries Plan 2014-2024 to guide the future form and function of Sunshine Coast Libraries over the next decade.


The Sunshine Coast Libraries Plan sets the direction for library operational and infrastructure matters, and aims to ensure a popular and responsive library service into the future.

View the plan and its Supporting Resources:

The Libraries Plan has been developed with the primary purpose of:

  • improving the condition and operation of the library network
  • detailing library site and design considerations
  • developing future libraries in a timely manner.

Key focuses of the plan include:

  • Technological advancements
  • Community patterns and needs
  • Evolving staff roles.